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Big Game Fishing with Mauro

Guided by the knowledge and experience of our expert crew, try catching big fish. You don't have to think about getting expensive equipment and boat, fishing licenses, even about food and drinks, you just have to order your dates and come. Knowledge, patience, strategy, and persistence are key factors for your capture of life. Create your fishing tales, experience adrenaline in fighting large fish, and the beauty of the marine landscape that you will always remember.

You can book your spot individually or in a group.

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Big Game Fishing in Croatia

Big game fishing is a form of sport fishing most often in the open sea, intending to catch large bonefish such as tuna and swordfish. It represents an excellent combination of adrenaline and patience and is a real pleasure for all lovers of active vacation in nature. 
The catch of large fish requires wisdom, strong will, and physical preparedness. The Adriatic Sea, with its numerous islands, inlets, and bays, is home to numerous plant and animal species and thus a perfect place for sea fishing. It is possible to find amberjack, swordfish, some shark species, and queen of large fish of our sea, bluefin Adriatic tuna.
Croatia and the Adriatic Sea are the perfect destinations for all types of fishing and sea trips for their favorable climate throughout the year. Temperatures are pleasant even in the colder part of the year, sunny days are high, winds are usually moderate, and seas of high purity.

Big Game Fishing Tournaments

Our crew is often competing on local Big Game Fishing Tournaments! 

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